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Protect yourself from identity theft and scams (PDF, 50 KB) Opens in a new window.

Learn how to keep your personal information safe and recognize the signs of a scam.

TDBC Business Banking fraud prevention playbook (PDF, 935 KB)

Learn about the common types of fraud experienced by small to medium-sized businesses.

Types of fraud


Interac e-Transfer® fraud

Keep your Interac e-Transfer transactions safe. Learn about what you can do to prevent email money transfer fraud.

Learn more about Interac e-Transfer fraud.


Online, text and email Fraud

Spot authentic emails and texts. Learn about what a real TDBC message looks like.

Learn more about online, text and email fraud.


Debit and credit card fraud

Protect your wallet. Learn how to keep your physical cards safe from fraud.

Learn more about debit and credit card fraud.


Identity theft

Learn how to protect your identity from being stolen.

Learn more about identity theft.


Other common fraud examples

Don’t fall victim to fake cheques or phony lotteries. Learn how these schemes work.

Learn more about other common fraud examples.

Types of scams


Coronavirus scams

There’s been a rise of scams related to fears over COVID-19. Protect yourself from falling victim to these scams.

Learn more about coronavirus scams.


Holiday purchase scams

There’s always a rise in scams during the holiday season. Learn how to protect yourself from holiday purchase scams.

Learn more about holiday scams.


Job scams

Don’t let landing your dream job become a nightmare. Learn how to spot fake job opportunities.

Learn more about job scams.


Romance scams

Learn how to protect money and your heart from romance fraudsters. 

Learn more about romance scams.


Investment scams

If an investment sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Learn how to tell the difference between an exciting investment opportunity and a disappointing scam.

Learn more about investment scams.


CRA scams

Learn how to tell the difference between a phony threat from a fraudster and a legitimate request from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Learn more about CRA scams.


Card swapping scams

Make sure your bank cards stay in your wallet. Learn how to protect yourself from card swapping scams.

Learn more about card swapping scams.

Think you've been a victim of fraud? Let's get in touch.


 Describe the fraudulent incident

 Attach or include any fraudulent emails you received or anti-virus or anti-spyware scan logs

 Describe the fraudulent incident

 Attach or include any fraudulent emails you received or anti-virus/anti-spyware scan logs

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