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Scott McGillivray
Trusted contractor, savvy real estate investor, and celebrated TV personality

Tips for home maintenance this Fall

Here are 3 helpful tips to follow through with, in order to help save you money in the long run.

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Increase your ROI with small changes

It’s amazing what changing some light fixtures and door hardware can do.

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Flooring tutorial

In the list of top 5 things that renters, or buyers for that matter, are always looking for, new floors is always up there.

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Doing your homework: Looking at Comps

Doing your research and looking at comparables is an excellent way to gauge a property’s true value.

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How to find good trades

The more information you have the better.

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Make your basement apartment cozy, bright, and inviting

Easy and affordable changes to turn your apartment into a home.

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Tips to fix up your street view

How to get potential buyers to fall in love with the outside of your house too.

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Moisture Air Quality Your Roof and Tightening Up

Been a few years since you moved into your home? It’s time for a check up.

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Client Stories

Mortgage Free Sooner

Patrick and Janna: The mortgage on our condo is coming up for renewal, and we want to make sure we make the best choice. How can we pay off our mortgage faster and still have the cash flow we need to live comfortably?”

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Home Renovations

Steve and Donna: We love our home and our neighbourhood, but the kitchen and bathroom really need work. We have a contractor lined up to do the work, but what’s the best way to borrow the money we need?”

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