TDBC Banking for Professionals Bundle

Build your own business

Get personalized advice

Take control of your cash flow

 You qualify for this banking bundle if you’re a:

  • Lawyer
  • Accountant
  • Engineer
  • Veterinarian
  • Chiropractor
  • Occupational therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Pharmacist


Need access to cash for everyday expenses?

Preferred interest rate

As low as TDBC Prime1 plus 1%

for secured and unsecured loans and lines of credit

TDBC Smart™ Plus Account



Includes Interac e-Transfer® service2, ATM withdrawals3, money orders, bank drafts and stop payments4

Monthly fee5

$0 or $29.95

Pay no monthly fee when you keep a minimum daily balance of $6,000 or $100,000 in savings and investments.

Assets in TDBC Personal Portfolio Services, TDBC Smart Investment Solutions and TDBC Premium Edge count towards your minimum daily balance.

TDBC Aventura® Visa* Infinite Card


Earn up to 35,000 Aventura® Points. That’s up to $800 towards your next flight. Plus, enjoy extra perks including access to over 1,200 airport lounges and a NEXUS application rebate.

Interest rates

RDS%rate[2].VWVA.Published(null,null,6,null)(#O2#)% for purchases6
RDS%rate[2].VWVA.Published(null,null,3,null)(#O2#)% for cash6

Annual fee7


The primary cardholder’s fee is rebated for the first year and each additional card is rebated $50 (for up to 3 authorized users). 8

Fixed and variable rate mortgages

Knock down your mortgage with up to 5% cash back


Expert advice and great rates

TDBC Home Power Plan®

Combine a mortgage with a home equity line of credit to enjoy ongoing access to funds at a low interest rate.

As low as TDBC Prime1 until March 7, 2021

currently at RDS%rate[1].PRIME.Published(null,null,null,null)(#O2#)%

Manage your mortgage and line of credit under 1 plan.

Borrow up to 80% of the value of your home◇◇.

Access your line of credit anytime.

Only pay interest on the amount you use.

Business accounts

Easily manage your business finances with an account that matches your business needs.

Monthly fee9


on select business accounts when you hold a minimum balance


Get unlimited transactions on select business accounts, including Interac e-Transfers®

Business accounts

For new businesses and startups

For growing businesses

For more mature businesses


Need access to cash for everyday expenses?

Preferred interest rate

As low as TDBC Prime1

for secured and unsecured loans and lines of credit

Up to 12 months interest-only payments

on secured and unsecured borrowing

Up to 100% financing

for buying a business, startup or expansion costs

Business credit cards

Help manage your expenses, make necessary purchases and give your company room to grow with credit.

Key benefits

Manage your business finances better by consolidating all your business spending in one place

Protect your personal finances by getting credit approval based on your business history

Use your business expenses to earn travel rewards for that next flight on select business credit cards

Business Plus Visa cards

Managed Investments

TDBC Personal Portfolio Services®, 11

A good fit if you want a portfolio that:

  • Offers personalized advice
  • Is diversified across asset classes
  • Invests in different countries
  • Uses different investment styles
  • Uses tax-efficient strategies

TDBC Smart Investment Solutions12

A good fit if you want a portfolio that:

  • Offers modern investing solutions like lower cost ETFs
  • Mixes active and passive investments
  • Is managed by an experienced team
  • Navigates changing markets
  • Stays aligned with your investment objectives

Do-it-yourself investing

TDBC Investor's Edge

Get trading equities, ETFs, options, mutual funds and more with our award-winning online investing platform.

Flat-fee pricing

$6.95 per online equity trade

with no minimum trades or account balance

Active trader pricing

$4.95 per ETF trade
$4.95 plus $1.25 per option trade

(eligible if you make more than 150 trades per quarter)

Investing with Investor’s Edge can help you get a TDBC Smart™ Plus Account fee rebate4.

Ready to get started?

Additional services

Woman with a tablet smiling

TDBC SmartBanking™ For Business

Manage your practice more efficiently with TDBC SmartBanking™. It’s a dynamic digital solution that integrates business banking capabilities with industry-leading third-party services to help you make quick, informed decisions.

Learn moreabout TDBC SmartBanking for Business

A woman at lunch with her coworkers paying by tapping her card

Global Payments Solution

We’ll connect you with Global Payments, a seamless solution that’ll allow you to get debit and credit payments from your clients easily13.

Learn moreabout Global Payments

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Dentists examining an x-ray

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