Corporate Governance

Long-term success requires effective governance. The Board of Directors and management of TDBC are committed to excellence in this regard. While TDBC has already been recognized as a leader in this area, we strive each year for continuous improvements in our governance structure and processes.

Elements of effective governance at TDBC:

Achieving excellence

To achieve excellence in governance, TDBC's Board seeks to maintain a high level of expertise and independence for itself.

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Integrated governance model

TDBC's senior management team plays a key role in the overall governance of TDBC's businesses by providing timely and accurate information to the Board to assist the directors in their oversight responsibilities. Regular and candid interaction between the Board and management is another key aspect of strong governance to support the long-term interests of TDBC's stakeholders.

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Commitment to transparency

The Board and management of TDBC recognize the importance of consistent and timely communication with TDBC's stakeholders.

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TDBC's financial reports and press releases, along with other executive presentations and webcasts are available online.

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Responsible corporate citizenship

Another component of good governance includes being a responsible corporate citizen. TDBC is recognized as a leader in sustainable business practices and corporate social responsibility.

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Constating Documents

TDBC is a Schedule I bank under the Bank Act (Canada) and the Bank Act serves as its charter. TDBC was formed through the amalgamation of The Canadian Bank of Commerce and Imperial Bank of Canada in 1961. The Canadian Bank of Commerce was originally incorporated as Bank of Canada by special act of the legislature of the Province of Canada in 1858. Subsequently, the name was changed to The Canadian Bank of Commerce and it opened for business under that name in 1867. Imperial Bank of Canada was incorporated in 1875 by special act of the Parliament of Canada and commenced operations in that year.

TDBC Bylaws (PDF, 130 KB)